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Posted April 14, 2015 by Tim Wells in Extra Life

Why I Haven’t Been Promoting Extra Life Lately

Anybody who has spent more than a couple of hours with me knows how passionate I am about raising money for sick and injured children, through the Extra Life charity event. Last year, to reward my donors, I dressed up as Frozen’s Elsa, and lip synced Let It Go. Earlier this year, I was extremely excited to announce that I’m captaining the first ever BlizzPro Extra Life team.

So why haven’t you seen more posts from me about Extra Life, lately? Because sometimes, the sick child is your own.

My daughter, Faith, is not only my inspiration, and reason for participating in Extra Life, she’s also my sidekick for all our fundraising efforts. She helps me come up with new ideas, cheers me on, and even participates in my annual 24 hour live stream.

I draw a lot of my enthusiasm and strength from Faith. So, when she’s sidelined with health issues, it’s difficult for me to concentrate on anything other than getting her healthy again. I also tend to struggle more with depression when Faith is sick, which makes even the most routine tasks more challenging.

Right now, Faith is pretty sick. I really don’t feel like going into detail, but you can read more about Faith’s current situation on my wife’s blog. The good news is that Faith is having surgery later this week, which should alleviate her symptoms and allow her to heal. And when I say “good” news, what I really mean is “terrifying to my very core.”

So, if you’re the praying type, please say a quick one for Faith. And maybe her mom and dad.

As for Extra Life, I’m sure Faith and I will be back to obnoxious levels of excitement in no time. 🙂

Tim Wells

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