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Posted November 12, 2015 by Tim Wells in Health

Walgreens Joins the Fight For A Healthy Winter

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Winter is coming! Time to go to Walgreens!

Winter is a bit of a double-edged sword at our house. My family of six loves the holidays and everything that comes with them. The challenge is staying healthy enough to enjoy all the winter festivities. Fortunately, our local Walgreens has all the Pfizer products needed to keep our medicine cabinet well-stocked. Even better, you can save $15 on Pfizer products at Walgreens in November!
Winter Health at Walgreens
Once cold season hits the Wells home, it spreads like wildfire. Before long, everyone is wrapped in blankets with tissues shoved up their noses. You can hear the whines of sick children and one adult male, from blocks away. It usually starts something like this…

Our oldest son, Dylan, will come to us, all smiles and innocence. “Hey awesome parental units, may I please spend the night at my friend’s house?”

Patient Zero

And so it begins.

I, being well-versed in my children’s history of bringing home every germ known to man, will respond, “Every time you have a sleepover, you get sick. And then you spread it to the entire house. And then you get better within 24 hours, while mom and I stay sick for weeks.”

Cold Season

Pictured: the kids who will be sick for 24 hours. Not pictured: the parents who will be sick for weeks afterwards.

Dylan, being an eternal optimist with a staggeringly short memory, replies, “I double-checked. Nobody at my friend’s house is sick. We’re safe.”

Of course, what happens next is the stuff of nightmares. Our family’s impending doom is heralded by a lot of sniffling, coughing, and violent sneezing.

Once Dylan is down for the count, his little brother is usually the next victim.

The Spewer

Sure, it’s gross. But you have to give him points for distance.

Caleb takes things to a whole new level. What started out as a simple cold turns into a plague straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

At this point, it’s all hands on deck to minimize the risk to the rest of the family; especially our youngest daughter with Crohn’s Disease.

Bubble Girl

Super tiny, super sassy, super susceptible to germs.

Robitussin is our go-to medicine for Dylan, while Children’s Advil and Dimetapp lend an assist with Caleb. And of course, lots of fluids and rest for everyone.

Battle cries of “Wash your hands!” echo continually through the house.

Protect the package!

We’ve got incoming boogie bogies at twelve o’clock! Protect the package!

Throughout this entire process, there’s one more child who absolutely must make her presence known. At the first hint of her siblings’ colds, we can always count on Abbie’s throat to suddenly get “very scratchy” and her tummy to “feel kinda weird.”

The Hypochondriac

All of the whining, with none of the symptoms. Bonus!

Fortunately, Abbie’s ailments are easily treated with lots of hugs.

Once the kids are safely over their colds, it’s the parents’ turn. Walgreens has Pfizer products for us, too. Bring on the Advil and Thermacare!

Have a Healthy, Happy Winter

Maximize your family’s health and happiness this winter by filling your medicine cabinet with Pfizer products from Walgreens, this November! You’ll find them in the Cold & Flu aisle.
Walgreens Cold & Flu Aisle

Have any winter health tips? Please share them in the comments below.

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Winter Health at Walgreens

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