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Posted September 3, 2014 by Tim Wells in Technology

On the Go with T-Mobile Free Data for Life

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Being both a tech nerd and a huge baseball fan, I love to keep track of my son’s Little League stats, in real-time, on my tablet. Unfortunately, a lot of his baseball games are played in remote locations where wi-fi isn’t an option. One of his most recent games was played right next to a corn field. I felt like I had stepped inside the movie, Field of Dreams. T-Mobile 4g to the rescue!
T-Mobile Trio tablet


Since the other baseball parents have come to count on my up-to-the-minute scoring and stats, which they follow online when they can’t attend in person, I needed a solution for those times when wi-fi hotspots aren’t available. So, I headed to Walmart to pick up the Trio AXS 4G tablet, which includes T-Mobile free data for life. As long as I own my Trio tablet, I will receive 200MB of free 4G/LTE every 30 days. That means I can score my son’s baseball games without worrying about where we are.
In the Walmart electronics department
From the moment I got my Trio tablet home, it started seeing a lot of use. Set-up, including the T-Mobile free data plan, was very easy. Within minutes, I was downloading books, music, videos, and games.
My T-Mobile Trio tablet!
And that’s when she struck. Once my daughter saw that I was watching Spider-man and playing Scribblenauts from the comfort of our backyard, I knew the jig was up. I tried putting up a fight, but in the end I was powerless against her infinite supply of cute. As you can see from this video, I never really stood a chance:

Looks like the Trio will be keeping my daughter busy on our upcoming road trip. Maybe she’ll let me borrow my tablet to score her twin brother’s baseball games. Or, at a price point of just $179, I may need to stop by our local Walmart and pick up another Trio. She can’t steal all my Trio tablets.

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