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Posted August 29, 2014 by Tim Wells in Guy Stuff

Swiffer Big Green Box to the Rescue!


#SwifferEffectDespite rumors to the contrary, guys do care about keeping their houses clean. As family roles continue to change, men are contributing to household chores more than ever before. According to a recent survey, 35 percent of men admit that they are likely to clean before having friends come over, compared to 29 percent of women.

I’ll admit it, I’m among that 35 percent. I love having a clean house, and am embarrassed when my friends come over to a mess. With four kids, two dogs, and a cat, it’s a never-ending struggle to keep my house from turning into the world’s biggest hairball. There are days when I’m sure that my kids and pets are out to sabotage me.

I know Modern Family star, Eric Stonestreet, can relate. His Swiffer video is hilarious. “She’s like a 5’4 raccoon!” Check it out:


Sometimes great intentions aren’t enough. Let’s face it: when it comes to cleaning, even the most domesticated of men are just one guy’s night away from reverting back to their slovenly bachelor days. I mean, as guys, there are a lot of things competing for our time and attention. Jobs, video games, family time, video games, working out, video games, social obligations, video games, and also the occasional video game.

Fortunately, Swiffer makes it easy to keep on top of cleaning. I recently had the fortune of receiving the Swiffer Big Green Box, which included the awesome WetJet. Honestly, I’m not sure how I managed without it. It has made cleaning my wood floors so much easier. It also does an incredible job on linoleum, tile, and stone. I have no idea how Swiffer created such an effective cleaning tool, but I suspect it involves some form of arcane magic.

Since Swiffer was kind enough to send me a second Big Green Box to share with a friend, I decided to pay it forward and give the box to someone who truly needed it: my bachelor friends. As you can see, it will be put to good use:

Yeah, I’m kind of like a cleaning superhero, thanks to Swiffer.

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