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Posted June 16, 2015 by Tim Wells in Deals

Awesome & Inexpensive Father’s Day with Slickdeals

I received a gift card for use in evaluating the Slickdeals website and mobile app. Regardless, all opinions are my own and are awesome.

Father’s Day is once again upon us. Time to agonize over what to get your dad and/or husband. Or not. Slickdeals makes the Father’s Day shopping experience a ton easier by helping you stretch your budget and get more awesome for less cash. I’ve been a member of Slickdeals since 2007.

What is Slickdeals? I’m glad you asked:

Slickdeals is the largest online deal sharing community. Since 1999, Slickdeals has saved consumers more than $3 billion by enabling them to find the very best deals online. The site is powered by millions of consumers, who find, share, and vote to collectively determine the best deals on a wide variety of products and services.

We feature deals on everything from laptops and electronics; to grills and tools. Our community and deal editors are curating the best 20-30 deals for our Frontpage every day; and other resources on the site allow you to always know that you’re getting the best deal available at that time.

This year, I decided to do my own Father’s Day shopping, to see just how much loot I could get with a hundred bucks. I found several amazing deals through the Slickdeals Frontpage deals, deal alerts, coupons, and Price Tracker. I was also able to browse newly added deals, on the go, with the Slickdeals mobile app. The free app is available for both iOS and Android.

By the end of my shopping spree challenge, I had acquired even more than I expected to. And because I’m only a decent dad because of my heroically amazing wife, I picked up a few things for her, as well. Here’s a look at my super geeky (and totally awesome) haul:

Yep, I scored all of that for under $100. And I didn’t spend a single penny on shipping. Final cost: $94.94. By utilizing all the tools Slickdeals has to offer, I ended up saving approximately $157 off the normal retail prices. But the real win for an anti-shopping dad like me? I never had to leave the comfort of my office chair.

Easiest Father’s Day ever. Thanks, Slickdeals!

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