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Posted July 18, 2012 by Scott Olson in Games

Improve Skyrim via the Skyrim Crafting Loop

Skyrim Enchanting Table

Tired of being weighed down by Skyrim carry limits? Follow our step-by-step guide and carry as much as you want, courtesy of the Skyrim enchanting loop.

Solve Skyrim‘s most annoying problem – inventory management – through the Skyrim crafting loop. Skyrim is simply astounding in the scope of its content. After being constantly sidetracked by a myriad of side quests, I’ve barely even scratched the surface of the main storyline. However, there’s one major problem that I have with Skyrim – even after pumping skill points into Stamina to increase the amount of weight my toon can carry, I still find myself being constantly overburdened and having to run back to town to sell off loot. Admittedly, this problem is compounded by the fact that my character – a thief – has notorious sticky fingers, looting and pickpocketing everything and everyone he comes across.

I attempted to ease this problem by equipping my character with gear that increased the carry weight, but this was problematic for a few reasons:

  1. Only a couple armor slots feature items that can increase a character’s carry weight ability.
  2. Those items typically max out at adding 40 or so stones of carry weight ability each (or little more than a single piece of plate chest armor).
  3. What fun is it decking your character out with gear that just aids with inventory management?

I’m a big fan of unlimited carrying capacity in games. Inventory management isn’t fun; it’s work. If I wanted my gaming to feel like work, I’d play World of Warcraft in a raiding guild.

The good news, is that this is a problem that is somewhat easily resolved through a crafting loop exploit in Skyrim’s enchanting, alchemy, and smithing systems.

The video above will take you through the process, but here is a quick step-by-step guide:
  1. Level up your Alchemy skill to a decent level. It doesn’t have to be maxed out or even really all that close. Anything over 50 should be plenty, if you have more than that the process is just more efficient.
  2. Equip at least one item that grants a bonus to Alchemy. Item slots that will allow for bonus to Alchemy are Head, Neck, Ring, and Bracers.
  3. Create a Fortify Restoration potion. Fortify Restoration is made with any two of the following ingredients: Abecean Longfin, Cryodilic Spadetail, Salt Pile, Small Antlers.
  4. Drink the Fortify Restoration potion. The Alchemy bonus on the gear you are wearing counts as a Restoration bonus so the potion enhances the effect of the gear you are wearing.
  5. Un-equip and Re-equip your Alchemy bonus gear. This is an important step. If you miss it, the Restoration potion will not increase your gear’s Alchemy bonus. All that is necessary is to remove and re-equip the item in your inventory screen – there is no need to remove the gear, close out of the inventory screen, and then go back in to re-equip.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5. Each time you repeat steps 3-5, you will create an exponentially more powerful Fortify Restoration potion. Once you have reached your desired level of Alchemy bonus, move on to step 7.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t want to go too high on this or your final Enchanting process will glitch out and cause you to have a massive NEGATIVE bonus applied to your enchanted item. I’ve found that a final Fortify Restoration potion anywhere in the range of +200,000% to +600,000% works best, depending upon the base stats of your Alchemy gear and how many pieces of it you have equipped.
  7. Create a few Fortify Enchanting potions while under the effect of your super Fortify Restoration potion. These potions will allow you to permanently enchant your gear with ridiculous bonuses but they are relatively short duration (30 seconds) and the timer counts real-time spent in the Enchanting crafting window so you’ll likely need one potion for each piece of gear you are enchanting. Fortify Enchanting Potions are made with any two of the following ingredients: Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap.
    NOTE: You can also make super Fortify Smithing Potions with this method. The Fortify Smithing potions enable you to improve the base stats of your weapons and armor at Grindstones and Workbenches. They do NOT provide any bonuses when creating the new item at the Forge.
  8. Head to an Enchanting Table. Remember to bring the gear you want to enchant along with you, as well as your super Fortify Enchanting potions.
  9. Learn the Fortify Carry Weight enchantment. You will need to have one item with a Carry Weight bonus on it. Disenchant that item in order to learn the Fortify Carry Weight enchantment.
  10. Drink your super Fortify Enchanting potion.
  11. Enchant your item with Fortify Carry Weight. Armor slots that can be enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight include Boots, Rings, and Bracers. You’ll really only need one, though, as a single enchantment with a Grand Soul Stone and your super Fortify Enchantment potion will add anywhere from 20,000 – 30,000 stones of carry weight ability – effectively giving you unlimited carrying capacity.

While this guide is designed to just rid yourself of the annoying inventory management aspect of Skyrim, it is entirely possible to use the method that I’ve outlined above for creating an entire set of overpowered gear with whatever super enchantments you want and/or ridiculously improved gear with the super Fortify Smithing potion. This more or less sends your character into God Mode. We are talking 1,000,000 HPs, Magika, and Stamina, weapons that do 2500 DPS, armor ratings of several thousand, etc. However, I warn you that the game loses its fun factor in a real hurry when you are one-shot killing Ancient Dragons on the hardest difficulty level. It’s humorous to try out, but I can’t stress enough that you want to save your old saved game file before going that route (or just keep your overpowered gear stored in your homes).

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