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Posted July 26, 1997 by Tim Wells in Poetry

Saved By Your Love – A Poem

In my darkest hour, my lowest depths
you reached out
Your unconditional love
soothed and calmed all my doubt
You kissed away all the tears
and made the scars disappear
So much more than I deserve
breaking through my hard-hearted reserve
I am unworthy of one such as you
yet I sense that your feelings are true
I am overpowered by the emotion
of your sweet faith and devotion
It washes over me like a wave
this love you so generously gave
How have you made the impossible real…
removed my cynicism and taught me to feel?
With the purest of hearts and with love in your eyes
you stripped away my self-pity, tore through my disguise
I wish I could give you the stars and heavens above
instead I give you that which I guarded…
my love.

~ TW ~

Tim Wells

Dad, husband, gamer, blogger, geek. Not necessarily in that order.