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Posted August 13, 2018 by Dawn Wells in Technology

Rug-Ed iPad case review and concrete drop test

Thank you to Rug-Ed for sponsoring this post on a drop-proof iPad case and participating in our Back To School Product Guide. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever experienced the sound of an iPad or iPhone, etc hitting the concrete? The moment that one of your tech gadgets slips out of your hands and is heading for the ground… OY! It’s the sound of money leaving my wallet.

I’ve had that happen to a few gadgets already. All accidents could have been preventable had we had a drop-proof iPad Case or iPhone case.

Rug-Ed sent us their iPad case to test out. And test it we did. Take a look:

Here’s some additional info on Rug-Ed:

  • Bumper corners provide excellent drop protection
  • Tempered-glass screen protector prevents damages from direct screen impact
  • Ergonomic design includes a handle for presentations and collaboration
  • All ports are easily accessible
  • iPad is locked inside to ensure protection at all times
  • Clear back side for asset tag visibility and protection
  • Removable stand with 2 viewing angles
  • Thin profile that fits into all major charging carts
  • Ultimate iPad protection for K-12
  • Pristine condition iPads with top resell value

I love that you still have access to all ports and that the iPad is well secured. I remember having other cases that the kids would pick at until they had them destroyed or the iPad out of the case. Not with Rug-Ed. The iPad is nice and secure in the case.

This case is great for kids and adults alike. I like the handle for easy handling but it’s available without the handle too. Both have the removable stand.

So tell us your stories. What kind of accidents and drops have happened to your iPads or iPhones that could have been prevented with a Rug-Ed case?

Make sure to head over to Rug-Ed and check out all of their products. Which one will you get for iPhone or iPad protection?

The Rug-Ed case is compatible with iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad 5th Gen (2017), and IPad 6th Gen (2018).

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Dawn Wells