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Posted July 24, 2014 by Tim Wells in General

Positive Challenge Day 4: Milestones

Day 4 of the Positive Challenge. Whew! Almost done. Today, I’m thankful for a few milestones I’ve reached.

#1: 15 Years of Marriage

This year, Dawn and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. This is easily the achievement I’m most grateful for and proud of. Although really, it’s Dawn who should be proud. She’s put up with me for 15 years (plus a year before getting married). I’m pretty sure there are Navy SEALs who wouldn’t be able to hack that kind of punishment. Pretty much everything good about me starts with her.

#2: 5 Years At My Job

I may occasionally complain about/mock/despise my job, but I’m definitely grateful for having been gainfully employed at the same place for the last five years. It’s made things possible that may seem mundane to most people, like buying our first house and getting our kids their first dog. But these are things that I’ll never take for granted because I remember a time when they were too far out of reach.

#3: 1 Year of Review Dad

Next month is’s 1-year anniversary. And what a year it’s been. There are a number of adjectives I can think of to describe my blogging experience so far: humbling, challenging, sometimes discouraging, but most of all, rewarding. I could never have fathomed that my little spot on the Internet would connect me to so many amazing people. But I’m saving that post for the official anniversary, so you’ll have to come back in a month to read more about that.

OK, only one more day to go! Time to go nominate 3 more people on Facebook to participate. If I nominated you, and you choose to participate, your job is to post 3 positives to your Facebook timeline, for 5 days. Each day, you will nominate 3 other people to do the same. Imagine the number of people who will be inconvenienced by their friends by the end of the challenge! 😉

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