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Posted July 19, 2014 by Tim Wells in General

Positive Challenge Day 2: Joy

It’s day 2 of the Positive Challenge. Today, I’m going to mention 3 activities that bring me joy.

#1: Watching My Youngest Son Play Baseball

This can often be as frustrating as it is rewarding, but watching my youngest son play baseball often reveals those little character nuances that are easy to overlook when he’s off the field. I admire the additional focus, determination, and respect for teammates, coaches, umpires, and opponents that he demonstrates in a team setting.

#2: Playing Minecraft With My Daughters

Ever want to feel completely outsmarted by your kids? Just play some Minecraft with them. Turns out, my daughters know WAY more about the game than I do.

The game doesn’t just reveal my lack of knowledge, though. It also gives my kids an outlet for their extreme creativity and generosity. There have been several times that one of the girls have said, “I left you a surprise at your house, Daddy,” and I’ve come back to my virtual home to find anything from a potted flower to a stabled horse.

I challenge anyone to have a bad day after spending time playing Minecraft with their kids.

Pretending To Be Batman With My Oldest Son

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve never growled Batman lines with your 15-year-old, well… you’re just missing out.

When I think about life after our kids are grown and moved out of the house, I picture my oldest coming home for visits and having dueling Batman sessions with his old man. If that seems weird to you, I’m afraid you’re reading the wrong blog.

OK, 2 days down, 3 to go. Time to go nominate a few Facebook friends to participate. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another day of positives!

Tim Wells

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