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New Maleficent Trailer – #Maleficent



Stars: Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville
Theatrical Release Date: May 30, 2014
Synopsis: The untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty,” reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora, only to later realize that the child may hold the key to peace in the land.
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Posted March 18, 2014 by

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MaleficentI’ve got an awesome, new trailer to share with you, from Disney’s Maleficent. This trailer features face-planting fairies, really angry plant-life, and a deliciously evil Angelina Jolie. With every new bit of information that’s revealed, I get more excited to see this one.

What do you think? Should Disney start a new trend of movies about their most infamous villains to compliment their princess movies? Let me know in the comments!

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