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Posted January 1, 2000 by Tim Wells in Poetry

Lord, Look Down – A Poem

Won’t you take a minute to look down
See what’s going on, take a look around
Lord, don’t you care?
Can’t you see the despair?
I’d like to believe
but all I can see
is suffering and sorrow
so-called leaders who deceive
and kids who don’t have a decent tomorrow
So God, if you’re there
please answer my prayer
lend a hand
show a sign
heal your land
now’s the time
We don’t have much time to turn things around
to fill empty promises
and drown out the sound
of the fighting and dying
Please, can’t you stop the sadness and crying?
I haven’t asked for much
but Lord, I’m asking now
won’t you take a minute
where ever you are
and look down?

~ TW ~

Tim Wells

Dad, husband, gamer, blogger, geek. Not necessarily in that order.