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Posted August 4, 2014 by Tim Wells in General

Indulge Your Inner Smartass with Connections by Hallmark

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I’m a smartass.

Anyone who has known me longer than two seconds knows this. Sometimes, this doesn’t work out too well for me. Like the time, when I was about 10 years old, that a construction worker chased me for a block and a half, threatening to do unspeakable things to me with a piece of steel rebar. These days, Connections by Hallmark cards allow me to express my inner smartass without having to worry about being threatened with violence by an angry, sweaty man. And no, I don’t have a picture of the incident to share with you, other than the one that is burned into my memory.
Hallmark Connections located in the greeting card aisle


This weekend, I decided to beat the Wisconsin summer heat, and make a couple of people laugh. So, I headed to my local Walmart, made a beeline for the greeting card section, and picked out a couple of Hallmark BuzzWorthy cards that spoke to me:
Hallmark Connections #TrendyCards

Public pools are great if you like to relax in dead bugs and strangers’ pee.

Inside: Hap-pee pool season.

Hallmark Connections

This time of year, pretty much any pants are sweatpants.

Inside: Have a cool-ass day.

Then, I put the icing on the cake by grabbing some accessories: an inflatable pool ring, a personal cooling fan, a squirt gun, and a snorkel mask. I wanted to get some additional accessories to go with the card I plan to give to my mother-in-law, but Dawn said no. Apparently, she wants us to still be welcome at her parents’ house for holidays. She’s no fun at all.

Get Rewarded

Because getting rewarded is WAY better than getting threatened by a rebar-wielding construction worker, I was delighted to learn about Hallmark Card Rewards Program. For every 5 cards you buy, you earn a reward. Just imagine all the trouble you can cause smiles you can bring to your loved ones’ faces!

Mission Accomplished

As you can see, Dawn was very hap-pee with her card.
Hallmark Connections - Mission Accomplished

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