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Posted October 16, 2019 by Tim Wells in Technology

Groove Life watch bands are a game changer

This post was sponsored by Groove Life, aka my favorite watch band company ever.

Stone Grey Groove Life Apple Watch band
I’ve tried to wear watches in the past. When smart watches were first introduced, I HAD to get one. Unfortunately, they were so uncomfortable that I ended up either selling them or giving them to a family member.

I’m a small guy with small wrists, so the big, chunky watches with their big, chunky bands were a deal-breaker. They’re heavy, they make my wrist sweat, and even after buying a set of band adjustment tools and watching YouTube videos to educate myself on how to remove extra links from the band, I still couldn’t get them to fit well. The watch was either sliding around my arm or cutting off my circulation. There was no happy medium to be found.

When I upgraded my iPhone, I couldn’t help but check out the latest Apple Watches. After about half a second of looking at them, I wanted one. Then I had flashbacks to my unsuccessful attempts to wear smart watches. That made me a sad panda.
Groove Life Apple Watch band
That’s when Dawn, my angel of a wife, suggested giving Groove Life watch bands a try. I was skeptical but I REALLY wanted that watch.

I’m here to tell you that Groove Life is a game-changer. Before I explain why, let me make one thing crystal clear: yes, Groove Life sponsored this review. But that doesn’t change the fact that I can now wear a smart watch with complete comfort. That’s a really big deal for me. And sponsorship or not, I’m a Groove Life convert and customer for life.

So we’re on the same page, right? Cool. Back to the watch bands.

Before getting my Groove Apple Watch band I was worried that I would face the same old problems. Namely, sweaty wrist and giant bangle-sized band. But as soon as the band arrived my fears were put to rest.

First of all, the box had two different sizes to choose from. A smaller band for shorties like myself and a larger band for you normies out there. Installing it took literal seconds. No links to mess with and no giant gap between my wrist and the watch.

“But Tim! Doesn’t that mean your wrist is constantly sweating??”

Nope. Groove watch bands have – are you ready for this – grooves. Look, I can’t pretend to be knowledgeable on the sorcery that went into making of Groove watch bands. All I know is that my watch fits comfortably and still has plenty of airflow.
Groove Life Apple Watch band
Oh, and it looks pretty badass, too. The end of the band tucks neatly in so my watch band doesn’t have that weird tail you get with other adjustable bands.

TL;DR: I freaking love my Groove Life Apple Watch band. It’s hands-down the most comfortable and best-looking watch band I’ve ever owned and it gets my highest recommendation. If you’ve faced the kinds of watch band struggles I have, you’ve GOT to give Groove Life a try. Tell ’em Review Dad sent you.

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