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Posted April 7, 2018 by Tim Wells in Technology

Google Pixelbook at Best Buy – portable power

Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this post about the new Google Pixelbook at Best Buy.

Google Pixelbook
I remember getting my first computer 30 years ago when I was roughly the same age my teenage twins are now. Everything about it was massive; the monitor, the computer itself, the load times, and the learning curve. There were no such thing as the internet, touchscreens, apps, or streaming media. Still, I loved that dinosaur of a computer. I even saved up for an improved graphics card that allowed me to display a whopping 256 colors, which was a huge improvement over its initial four colors.

My, how things have changed in the last 30 years.

Introducing the Google Pixelbook

The Google Pixelbook is the new high performance Chromebook, and the first laptop with the Google Assistant built right into it. It’s also Google’s thinnest laptop ever, measuring just 10.3mm thick. It has a 360° touchscreen, versatile 4-in-1 design, and the all-day battery provides up to ten hours of go from a single charge.
Google Pixelbook
The Pixelbook is powered by Chrome OS, automatically giving you the latest security and software features.

Speaking of software, the amount of things you can do with the Pixelbook is crazy cool. You can sketch, edit photos, stay productive with GSuite apps that Drive automatically backs up to your device, and enjoy on-or-offline access to movies and TV shows with apps like Google Play Movies and YouTube Red.

If my 45 year old mind is blown by the amazing new Google Pixelbook (and it is), I can’t even imagine what my 14 year old self would have thought. Gone are the days of dinosaur computers that practically take a forklift to move and are limited to a mere 256 colors.

The new Google Pixelbook gives us portable power for work and play, and it’s available now at Best Buy.

Special Offer

Save $100 from 3/25-4/7 on a Google Pixelbook at Best Buy.

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