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Posted January 30, 2018 by Tim Wells in Travel

Finding the right family road trip vehicle with

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My family loves taking road trips. We’ve driven across the country several times together.

With four teenagers, including one with special needs, we need lots of room. Finding a vehicle that can seat the six of us comfortably, plus our luggage, snacks, and miscellaneous electronic distractions, can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, provides an easy side-by-side comparison tool that lets me see, at a glance, details for every type of vehicle, including price, fuel economy, consumer rating, and number of seats. 2018 minivan comparison
When our kids were younger, we found minivans to be invaluable. According to, the 2018 crop of top minivans start in the mid-twenty thousand dollar range, average around 22 miles per gallon, and seat seven.

Now that our youngin’s are bigger and more protective of their personal space, we need a little more room.‘s comparison tool shows me that the latest full-size SUVs are probably the best choice for my family’s traveling needs. 2018 SUV comparison
Starting at around $46,000, the top 2018 SUVs can seat 8-9 people and get up to 24 miles per gallon on the highway. By customizing which categories I want to see more information about, I’m also able to see what each vehicle has for cargo room, entertainment features, safety rating, and more.

If your family is in the market for a vehicle for your upcoming adventures, I highly recommend checking out‘s invaluable comparison tool!

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