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Posted March 20, 2014 by Tim Wells in Events

We’re Adding to Your Extra Life Donations Today! #ExtraLife

Today, we’re running a very special fundraiser for the Extra Life charity. We’re taking part in Sony’s inFAMOUS Second Son challenge to see how many donations of $22.22 we can raise. But we’re upping the ante a bit.

For every donation of $22.22 made through our donation link today, Review Dad will contribute another $2.22!

And every. single. penny. goes to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

So PLEASE donate, share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus… everywhere! The challenge runs through the end of the day and we want to see as many of those $22.22 donations as possible to help sick kids.

Donate and be entered to win!

As always, every donor through our donation link will be automatically entered to win prizes during our marathon. This year’s marathon is on October 25th, and we’ll be giving out a bunch of great prizes, just like we did last year. Extra Life will also be awarding an inFAMOUS Second Son limited edition statue to a random team. If Team Review Dad happens to win the statue, we’ll add it to the constantly-growing prize pool!

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