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Posted September 15, 2017 by Tim Wells in Technology

CUJO Smart Firewall at Best Buy – Home Network Protection

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
cujo smart firewall

Yep, this mug-sized device protects your entire home network.

If you’re a parent of tech-savvy kids, you know the struggle of trying to monitor every wireless device in your house. Phones, tablets, video game consoles, computers, and even televisions connect to the internet and open potentially hazardous gateways to viruses, malware, hacks, and not-so-kid-friendly content.

Fortunately, Best Buy has a brand new product to help protect your entire home network and control what your kids have access to.

CUJO Smart Firewall

CUJO is a small – but powerful – device that connects to your WiFi router and offers business-level security for your home devices. My favorite feature is the smartphone app that lets you control every device on your home network from anywhere.

CUJO takes up very little space. The entire system consists of a coffee mug-sized unit, a power cord, and the included network cable that connects it to your router. All you need is an open port on your router and an electrical outlet.

Business-level internet security

As I mentioned, CUJO is a powerful little guy. It automatically detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks – even on handheld devices. Basically, CUJO is an antivirus solution for your entire network. And it’s fast. Like, really fast. Built with 1GB Ethernet, there is practically no delay from the time I press a button on the app to when my command takes effect.

cujo happy

A happy CUJO means a happy network.

Parental Controls

What really sets CUJO apart for me, and makes it a vital part of our home network, are the parental controls. Using the smartphone app, I was able to create individual profiles for each family member, assign their devices to them, and set up internet filtering. By creating personalized permissions for each person, I was able to grant varying levels of access. The adults have unrestricted use, while the kiddos are protected from the less savory corners of the internet. And when it’s time for homework, chores, or bedtime, I just click on a kid’s profile and hit the PAUSE INTERNET button; all the devices assigned to them have their access paused, without disrupting any of the other devices in the house. It has made my job as Official Wells Family Internet Warden incredibly easy.

Available at Best Buy

If you’re an online parent, or just a person with a bunch of devices to protect, I highly recommend picking up CUJO at Best Buy.

cujo app

Screenshot of my app. See those 28 devices? They’re all protected and I can manage each one from the palm of my hand.

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