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Posted January 14, 2014 by Tim Wells in Comics

Marvel Teases Chris Clairemont Title, BAMF! #Marvel

All we have to go on, so far, is this mysterious image:
What are we looking at? I would guess (and hope) that it’s a new Nightcrawler series, penned by my all-time favorite X-Men writer, Chris Clairemont. For those unfamiliar with the swashbuckling blue elf (Nightcrawler, not Clairemont), BAMF! is the sound his teleportation ability makes. It has become a Nightcrawler signature, like Spider-Man’s THWIP (web shooters) and Wolverine’s SNIKT (claws).

I’m sure we’ll learn more about the series (mini? ongoing?) as we get closer to the April publication date. What are your thoughts?

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