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Posted September 8, 2014 by Tim Wells in Extra Life

A Girl, Her Dog, and Crohn’s Disease

A girl, her dog, and Crohn's Disease
This picture was taken last night after my 10-year-old daughter, Faith, got a shot that is part of the treatment for her Crohn’s Disease. Even though she only gets it every three weeks, Faith hates this shot. She hates it a lot more than her other Crohn’s shot, which she receives every week. There’s just something about this one.

Every three weeks, it’s the same routine. Dawn lets me know that it’s shot night, and we both do our best to comfort Faith and let her know everything is going to be alright. But the tears always come. Faith – the tough little girl who has dozens upon dozens of “Bravery Beads” for all the blood draws she’s endured over the years – is scared of this shot. Sometimes, this shot makes her nauseous, and she hates that. She even hates the smell of the medicine in the syringe.

Last night, as Dawn was trying to comfort Faith and get her ready for the shot, I said, “But Faith, after tonight, you have another three whole weeks before you have to get another one.” Her reply, through tearful sobs, broke my heart: “But those three weeks go so fast!”

We did eventually make it through the shot. Dawn sang to Faith while big sister Abbie sprayed some room freshener to cover the medicine smell. And then our faithful golden retriever, Lily, climbed onto Faith’s bed and laid her head on Faith’s shoulder. Even Lily knows that shot night is tough.

I’m glad shot night only comes every three weeks. It wasn’t very long ago that it was every week. I live for the days between shots. The days when Faith is a happy, loving, geeky little goofball. The days when she can be who she really is, and not this shadow of herself that is consumed by fear and sadness.

This is why I get so passionate about Extra Life. I can only begin to imagine the heartbreaking routines that families of kids with diseases like cancer go through. So, if I can raise a little money to make their hospital stays and treatments a little less scary, you can bet I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen.

If you’d like to join with me to help sick kids, please donate a few dollars to my Extra Life campaign to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Because not every sick, scared little kid has a sympathetic golden retriever to comfort them.

Please click here to donate!

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