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Posted January 1, 1986 by Tim Wells in Poetry

A Day in December – A Poem

I walk to the bus stop in the cold December weather.
A rabbit scurries away to its hole to avoid the snow.

The bus seems to take forever.
Summer is far away.

The bus pulls to the curb and I walk up the steps looking for a place to sit.
Above us, a bird looks for a place to perch.

The bus picks up more people and becomes crowded.
People crowd into buildings to get warm.

The bus drops us off at school.
Water drips off an icicle.

My hands and ears become numb.
I think of my paralyzed friend.

Inside the school, it is warm and comfortable.
A cat curls up by the fire across the street.

~ TW ~

This was written for a school contest when I was twelve years old. I don’t even remember what the name for this type of comparative poetry is. The poem won a spot in a collection of poetry the school published.

Tim Wells

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