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Weight Loss Report Week 8: My Workout

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Weight Loss Report Week 8: My WorkoutI haven’t been feeling well this week, and haven’t really gotten to the gym to weigh in. Since I can’t give an accurate weight report, I thought I’d mix things up a bit and talk about my workout routine instead.

While exercise isn’t a requirement of the Medifast program, it does help accelerate the weight loss. On a good week, I go to the gym three times. I typically go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, allowing a day of recovery between each workout, plus weekends off.

My current workout is concentrated on increasing my core muscle strength. It’s not focused on high cardio or big muscle growth. It’s more about all-around strengthening of all the muscle groups and core.

I start each workout with five minutes on the elliptical machine to warm up.

I follow up the elliptical with squats, using a barbell. I warm up by doing 10 reps with just the bar (which is 45 pounds). I then add weight to the bar and do three more sets of 5 reps.

The next exercises rotate, depending on which day it is. On alternating days, I follow up the squats with either overhead presses, dead lifts, and pull-ups, or bench press, cleans, and dips. For the bench press and overheads, I follow the same pattern as with the squats. I start with 10 reps, just using the bar, and then add weight for the next three sets of 5. For the dead lifts and cleans, I skip the initial warm-up of 10 reps. For the pull-ups and dips, I do as many as I can.

The final part of the workout is always the same, regardless of what day it is: a short stretching session and, if I’m feeling ambitious, a plank that I hold as long as possible. The entire workout, from start to finish, takes less than an hour.

With the exercises that use weights, the goal is to just barely be able to finish all three reps of 5. If I’m able to do that, then I will add a little weight the next time I do that exercise. If I’m not able to do all three reps of 5, I’ll use the same amount of weight the next time.

Outside of the gym, I also add in a couple of short walks on my work breaks, partially to get in a little extra movement, and partially to break up the monotony of sitting in an office all day.

So that’s my current workout routine. It has served me well. Using Medifast and this workout, I’ve lost weight every week so far. Not only that, but my strength has increased dramatically since starting this routine. The first time I did this workout, I lifted 26% of my body weight. During my most recent workout, I was up to 101% of my body weight. More importantly, my entire body feels stronger – and better! It’s amazing the difference a couple of months can make.

Thanks for following my weight loss journey. Be sure to follow Dawn for weight loss tips and tricks, and check back next week for another report!

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