Posted November 29, 2000 by Tim Wells in Poetry

My Christmas List – A Poem

It’s dark in our room
in the middle of the night
but before my eyes
lies a beautiful sight
around us the world
is silently at rest
all that matters is you
with your head on my chest
I watch as you sleep
and kiss your sweet head
I can’t help but smile
as we lay here in bed
outside, the snow
blankets the ground
inside, your soft breath
is the only sound
I watch you a little longer
before I slide out of bed
to write a quick letter
and here’s what it said:

Dear Santa,
It’s that time of year again
so I’m picking up paper and pen.
I must quickly write this wish list
and get back to bed
before I am missed.
You can skip me this year
but please remember my boy.
Please leave him a book
or a ball
or a shiny new toy.
What I wish for
are my wife’s kisses
and my son’s laugh.
You see, Santa,
all I want for Christmas,
I already have.

~ TW ~

Tim Wells

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