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Facebook, Cardio, and the Blair Witch

Blair WitchToday’s post is pretty short. As a matter of fact, the only reason it’s a blog post, and not a Facebook status update, is because it exceeded the Facebook character limit by a couple hundred characters.

I rode my bike to work this morning, for the first time since May. I figured since the dog woke me up forty minutes before my alarm was set to go off, I might as well take advantage of the extra time.

By the way, if you’ve never been jolted awake by a wet nose repeatedly smashing into your hand, you really ought to try it. Or not.

I took my ride nice and slow, so as to avoid another lying-down-on-the-sidewalk incident. Halfway through the ride, I discovered that my normal route was closed. I foolishly decided to try to find a shortcut and ended up going through parts of Eau Claire I’ve never seen before – and never want to see again. I passed run-down, abandoned houses with open doors creaking in the wind; clothing and trash strewn throughout yards and streets. For a moment, I thought my detour had taken me through Detroit.

I’m fairly certain I rode past the Blair Witch’s house. It was a little, stone house, barely visible through the overgrown shrubs and trees that surrounded it. The skulls decorating the doorway were an especially nice touch. I would have stopped to take a picture but

a) I was already late for work, thanks to my detour.


b) You don’t mess with the Blair Witch.

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